Use Wondershare PDFelement to Edit PDF Document and Convert PDF to Word File on Mac

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Portable Document Format (PDF) has been known by many types of Mac users such as students or professionals. For those Mac users who frequently convert PDF files to other word files, or are looking for the right application to do so, Wondershare PDFelement is an option that you should try. Wondershare PDFelement provides various useful features that allow you to process, convert, and edit your PDF documents. After some tests, below is the review of Wondershare PDFelement.

What is Wondershare PDFelement?

Wondershare PDFelement is an application for editing PDF document that has various to facilitate the Mac users to process PDF documents. This application has three mainstay features such as; edit documents, create documents, making forms, and OCR scanner.

Main Features of Wondershare PDFelement

1. Edit PDF Document Feature

Wondershare PDFelement allows you to edit PDF on Mac

Wondershare PDFelement allows you to edit PDF documents by using its Edit PDF Documents feature. With this feature, you can correct the spelling, wrong line of text, bold, and you can replace the image on your PDF documents.

It is easy, by simply opening a PDF document that will be processed at Wondershare PDFelement, then press Edit on the toolbar. As usual, click 2x your mouse pointer over the text to be changed. You can also choose the type of font to be used and change the mode of text (italic, bold, or underlined text).


In the feature to change the image, tap 2x image to be replaced, then a new window will appear. After that, press the Replace Image menu and select the image you want to use.

On the left side of the Edit button, you can use the Markup feature. Markup function is to add text or images without changing the original document. For example, you can add proof writing as a correction provided by an editor, let’s say a professor giving a correction to the owner of the document (students who make a project).


Wondershare PDFelement has several sub-features for Markup. For example, a feature to add virtual notes, hyperlinks correction, and you can also give a digital stamp.

2. Scan Images – OCR


OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR is an image scanner feature to scan image that has form of texts in it, to detect the letters and can be copied as text.  We often find that the content of PDF documents in images or scanned images from books or papers. Using the OCR feature on Wondershare PDFelement, it makes possible for you convert images that contains letters form in it into text and can be copied and paste to a word document. This is the best OCR on Mac to convert image to text.

To scan the letters in the image or PDF using Wondershare PDFelement, open the image or document file to be scanned through the Open menu. After that, Wondershare PDFelement will indicate on the document files automatically if you if you can scan the text on the images using OCR function. Later you will be shown a guide to install the OCR plugin and scan mode. Once the OCR has been installed on Wondershare PDFelement, the text forms on the image will be detected.


3. Creating Forms with PDF Feature


At Wondershare PDFelement you will also find a feature to create form made of a PDF document. You can determine the shape of the form as freely as possible. Some important functions on the feature are you can specify the character input restrictions on a textfield, and mode radio buttons are made in accordance with the form.

But this feature also provides a mode of PDF Templates that developed by Wondershare to facilitate the user in determining the shape of the desired form.

Those are some important features of Wondershare PDFelement. Actually, you will also find a lot of useful features that are provided at Wondershare PDFelement. For example, the document conversion feature – the conversion feature allows you to convert various file formats to a .PDF or vice versa. There is also a document security feature for making a password for a document, and features such as quick print and save.

If you are Mac user, Wondershare PDFelement is very useful for you, because there will be the time you need to edit or convert a PDF file. This software has free version as well. The free version of Wondershare PDFelement has standard features. But, if you are a professional, it is recommended to use the full version. You can buy Wondershare PDFelement with lifetime license. There are several options that you can choose, a personal version, business version and if you are a student, you are given a discount of 40%.

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