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Both paid and free video editing software require an upscale computer in order to run smoothly in editing video. But it’s absolutely different with VideoPad which makes it possible for you to edit videos on a low-spec computer. This video editing software is lightweight and quite easy to use. However, lightweight software doesn’t always mean less capable.

For more information about VideoPad and its download link, features, and video editing tools, read this VideoPad review. This article doesn’t only tell about VideoPad software, but here we refer some VideoPad tutorials to help beginners how to edit videos using this video editing tool.

VideoPad Tutorials for Beginners

NCH has a wide range of productivity and utility software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and other operating systems. Instead of WavePad sound editing software, VideoPad video editor tool is another popular software from NCH. As you might also know that most of today’s people are using their own videos to showcase their beautiful moments. And almost all people today tend to search music, news, tutorials, and other types of information from well-known social video sharing websites. It’s a great opportunity for everyone who wants to get popular through social video sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo. Here we refer some VideoPad tutorials for beginners.

How to Make a Videos from Photos

This VideoPad tutorial is suitable to show off the photos of your most beautiful moments in an album video. So the people who browse on your social media profile will look at all of the photos in one video instead of sliding them one by one. You can also easily add watermarks to beautify your album video if you want.

How to Cut a Video

Sometimes there’s a work when we need to cut a video to make its duration shorter or perhaps removing some segments that you don’t want. VideoPad makes it easy for you to do so. This VideoPad tutorial will guide you how to cut a video in a quick way.

How to Combine Videos

In addition, to cut a segment in a video using VideoPad, this video editing software is also quite capable of combining videos. This WavePad tutorial can be a guide for you if have many separate videos that you want to combine into one video file. Or perhaps you also want to combine music video clips. VideoPad is a powerful video editing software to help you combining videos into one video file.

How to Add a Logo to a Video

You probably want to know how those TVs or Youtube channels add have a logo on the right or left top of their videos. VideoPad can help you to add a logo to your videos so that you can showcase your brand or business identity at the top of your videos.

How to Change Audio in a Video

When we are recording or editing a video, sometimes, we find some voices that we don’t want them to exist in the video. So, there are some possible solutions that you might want to use to change the audio. Using VideoPad, you can mute the audio or even replace it with any audio you want to run on the video. VideoPad video editing software supports many types of audio files. This tutorial will guide you how to change or replace the audio of a video in a simple way.

How to Add Song Lyrics to a Music Video

If you have a lot of video clips of music videos, you must bookmark this VideoPad tutorial. You can easily add a song lyrics into your music video.

How to Upload Videos to Youtube Directly from VideoPad

Another good feature of VideoPad is that allowing you to upload your video files to your Youtube channel directly. So, using VideoPad, you will be no longer need a browser. Upload your videos to Youtube easily after a video editing work on VideoPad. This quick tutorial is a guide for you how to upload your videos to Youtube from VideoPad without using a web browser.

That’s all the video editing beginner’s guide for VideoPad users. Stay tuned with this article for other additional VideoPad tutorials to add up your video editing skills.

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