WavePad Review – Sound Editing Software For Windows, Mac, and Android

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WavePad sound editing software from NCH

WavePad is a sound editing software from NCH. This audio recording and editing software is an excellent and intuitive program for amateur or professional users. It comes with a wide selection of sound filters and special effects and is also designed to be compatible with almost all audio file formats. Its look is very simple and easy-to-use for beginners or professional level of multimedia jobs, especially in audio editing or recording. WavePad is available for Windows, Mac, and has its Android version. Beginners prefer this software as it is very easy to use, lightweight, and its features are also better than other free sound recording software.

WavePad’s Sound Editing Features

WavePad Review and VerdictAll features and tools on this application are made with a very user-friendly interface. So new WavePad users can easily learn how to use it. This sound editing software is widely used by many people worldwide as it includes enough features to support various multimedia tasks. If you frequently edit or convert various types of audio files, WavePad should be on your computer. Because most likely you will often need this sound editor program.

WavePad makes it possible for you to upload songs from CDs and then insert or burn its audio content to other CDs after you finish editing the sound files. Then, those audio files can be recorded and then exported to various types of audio file formats. This software is compatible with various audio feeds and input sources such as microphones, line-in devices, and internet streaming as well as PC playbacks and videos.

WavePad’s friendliness allows you to search, polish, or mark your audio files as practical as possible. This free software supports audio samples ranging from 6kHz to 192kHz frequency. You can also take the advantage of the batch process feature to make a lot of audio files converting tasks faster and even when having to add some special effects to them as well.

Audio Filters and Effects

WavePad comes with more than 20 audio filters and effects which you can use when recording or editing sound. It means that when you edit your audio files using WavePad, its filters and effects options make it possible for you to get better outcomes. And they also very helpful for you to perform various types of audio file editing tasks without hassle. However, if you want to use samples and loops on a track, you can consider the Mixcraft 8 add-on for WavePad.

There is an option to mix and separate audio files. WavePad has other tools as well, including frequency and temporal frequency analysis, click fix, tone generator, text-to-sound converter, batch converter and a tool for you to download sample audio files from NCH that might be useful to you.

The interface of WavePad sound editing software

This sound recording and editing software supports a wide range of audio file formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AIF, FLAC, M4A AAC, GMS, AMR, VOX, RAW, APE, RSS, MPC, and SPX. This reduces the possibility of audio file formats incompatible in multimedia tasks. In addition, WavePad is also compatible with all of the latest Windows OS versions and Mac OS X.

WavePad Support

This NCH sound editing software offers support for both free and paid subscription users. You can browse WavePad guides on its official website, discuss with the other users on its online forum, and FAQs as well. If you would like to communicate directly with one its customer support representatives, you may use email for free. Note, however, its’ quite long for the free support to get responded, while paid supports will get supports faster. If you opt for its paid support contract, your email will also be on the queue list along with paid support emails from other users. So, even if you buy this sound editor software along with its support, most likely your email also get queued to get a turn of help. Indeed, there are so many other WavePad users would like to get help either they are free or paid.

WavePad is a feature-rich and easy-to-use application. You may also love all of the features offered by this voice recording software. This excellent application can be suitable to support amateur or professional sound recording or editing tasks.


The Good!

  • Audio filters and effects.
  • Compatible with various audio files.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Audio tools.

The Bad!

  • Nothing really significant to mention.
99 %
99 %
Sound Filters and Effects
98 %
98 %

WavePad Review

WavePad is a sound editor software for Windows, Mac, and also Android. Its sound editing and recording features are very good and it's compatible with various types of audio file formats. The price of this multimedia software is relatively cheap compared to its competitors. The paid version of WavePad can be a good choice for novice, amateur, or even professional music or audio recording and editing.

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