Here’s What Digital Marketing Experts Can Learn from 2017

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Digital marketers or simply marketers lookout for new trends every time a year ends and a new one embarks. Like, just in one day, everything will be changed. Earlier, in times of outbound marketing, the major dependencies of people were limited to some second-grade techniques such as spamming and non-pertinent advertising. These tactics did nothing but to hit back in the head.

After having years of experience as a specialist in a digital marketing company, I wouldn’t even refer those old-hat annoying tactics as ‘tactics’. They were bad for brand value, for business, and fell off the ground in the long run. Thanks to advanced analytics tools we got now. We can efficiently measure and test every single step we take in terms of SEO and marketing. Marketers are now approaching the right users with the right information. They are not annoying them anymore. They are helping them. And that’s really how digital marketing should be done.

A great many numbers of old hat tactics even work and by looking at the number, we can not stop doing those all of a sudden. We have goals that need to be met. We need data to take the next course of action. Hence, we have no other way than to stick to the tactics we know while making sure to not to kill our curiosity and creativity in trying out new methodologies.

According to me, 31 December wasn’t the end of every digital marketing tactics. Instead, the span of past twelve-months collectively could be assumed as a pit where some tactics performed really well, while others kept going to its bottom. Our work was to weed out the cream, collect the middle and let sink buried in the bottom. The Internet is now available to even the poorest of countries and more and more digital marketing experts are jumping in the Google battleground every year, making the competition no less than a cut-throat one.

That created the necessity of working even harder, keep doing the right thing, and making new efforts altogether no matter how difficult it gets for us. A lot has happened in 2017. Yep, be it the sudden boost in the popularity and searches on mobile devices or increase in paid campaigns across social media channels and search engines, last year left a good bunch of things for us to remember. I believe that a marketer can never be absolute. With every new second passed, comes new pieces of knowledge. I would say that I have learned a lot in 2017. And some of the stuff I have learned are going to strongly impact my digital marketing strategies in 2018 including search engine marketing and social media manager skills. These are the lessons 2017 taught me:

Reduce the Dependencies on Emails

Email marketing automation has been the most powerful tool for marketers for decades. But, given the question that is the email marketing still as effective as it was six years ago, what would you say? Of course, not, right?

On the other hand, where social media and search engines have grown so strong, shouldn’t you direct much of your marketing efforts juice towards emerging social marketing platforms? Read also; Why your email marketing is not effective.

Incorporating Inbound Messaging in Your Customer Acquisition Systems

The world of marketing is wild. What strategies will be embraced by users and which will be neglected right away, it’s hard to find out. For example, forms have been the most prominent way for potential customers to reach your business so far. However, it has become so common that it does not work that well anymore. So, why not hire 2 or 3 sales executives to sit on the other side of inbound marketing and respond to your client’s queries?

Just Don’t Leave Anything Which You Think Will Appear as Boring to Your Clients

I will simplify it by taking the example of podcast marketing. Since, the inception, podcast were marked as boring. Suddenly, hundreds of marketers have stopped using them. As a result, it faced no innovation in the long run. As a marketing, you should find new ways to make boring stuff more interesting. That’s how you will stand out from the rest.

Digital marketing is certainly a powerful tool. Probably the most powerful marketing technique so far. We don’t read newspapers anymore, sometimes we even miss our favorite TV shows and just stick to our phones instead. Digital marketing services are on their boom. Not every one of them is going to succeed. But yeah, if you are updated, you got chance of survival. It was always the survival of the fittest and it still is.

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