The Biggest Reasons Why Startups Need Content Marketing Strategy and Plan

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Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has become the most powerful “weapon” to do marketing and widely used by many companies. According to a leading content marketing provider, in the post “35 Content Marketing Stats You Need to Know”, the 72 percent of the marketing of B2B companies in 2014 produced more content more than the previous years.

What is content marketing?

If you do some search engine marketing efforts so far, you might probably familiar with the content marketing term. In the tech world, the content marketing refers to the online contents such as blogs, press releases, social media posts, newsletters, videos, podcasts, and pictures. In which they are specifically used to improve the relationship between the companies with the target users or target markets.

Those contents are the result of thinking which contains various types of information that can add a value to the reader. As the reciprocal benefit to the company, they can increase the exposure of the company, brand, or product. However, a content marketing is not just an ordinary post – but it is designed specifically to interact, relate, and deliver an impression to the reader to discover something.

So, for an early stage startup, the role of content marketing is greatly useful to find and gather users. According to a study that was conducted (B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets & trends), 90 percent of B2B companies use it as part of their marketing strategy.

The Purposes of Content Marketing

Content marketing is also an excellent way to create labels to expose your products. It isn’t only by performance and page views optimization, but also by providing valuable content. You should design your content that fit the target reader. The following are the major purposes of content marketing:

Build the Brand Awareness of Your Product

When the prospective clients come to you online, they usually want to know the value of your product you offer that more than its competitors. So, it’s the reason why you need to create online content with the mindset of the best solution your brand presence.

Build Relationships with Your Consumers

Your content must have the added value for the readers. For example, an article of sales results tends to be less effective than an article that includes the stories of how a product can be the right solution for your customers. Then, get in touch with your prospective and existing customers through an email newsletter using an email marketing automation tool.

As the Alternative to Advertising and to Build Trust

If your business is an early stage startup, there would be likely only a few numbers of people who know your product. In which you certainly have no sufficient budget for advertising on TV or printed media. Therefore, you can use it as an alternative to advertising on Google search engine or social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Include the elements that can improve the relationship with the readers within your content. You can do it by including a positive review of your company, corporate culture, belief, knowledge, and your ability to solve customers’ problems.

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How to Start the Content Marketing Strategy

Now you know that content marketing is an effective way to expose your brand and build relationships with customers. However, you need to know the best content marketing strategy for your business. You can opt one of content marketing strategies. Such as social media posting, blog posting, video sharing, or the combination of two or more of them. You may want to choose more than one strategies, but you certainly do not want to use all of them yourself, because it takes time. Furthermore, most likely the result does not correspond to your expectation. So, the following are the tips of content marketing you need to consider:

Specify the Target Audience

Before conducting a content marketing, you must know who the main area and the targets of your product are. This will help you to identify how you can create content according to the information they need.

Meanwhile, you also need to identify the purpose of your marketing plan. So, answer a few questions such as what is the purpose of your marketing content, how are you going to track and measure the success rate, and other questions that correspond with your marketing plan.

Attractive and Consistent Look

Your prospective online readers are likely willing to enjoy your content that looks attractive. You can do it start from the text, such as using the right size of text, spacing, and suitable font. The type and color of the text are also very influential. In include some relevant images and videos that match the content you create.

On the other hand, you also have to be consistent in doing content marketing. Because this marketing strategy is one of the most important social media management skills. So, adjust the schedule of your content marketing regularly. Finally, your readers would be accustomed to, and you can improve your customers’ loyalty.

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