Windows PC vs. Apple Mac – Which One is Better?

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PC vs Mac

Apple Mac and Windows PC have become two competing platforms for decades. Almost as long as it’s competition, Windows PC has become the main choice for consumers as there are more applications developers created software for Windows PCs. You may be a dilemma when it comes to buying whether Apple Mac or Windows PC and wonder which one is better between those two types of computers. It all depends on your necessity. So, before deciding to buy a good computer for you, here you are going to find out which one is the best between PC and Mac.

The last few years, the fact has begun to turn around. Today, most Windows applications are also available for Mac OS operating system. But the software developers for Windows are overwhelmed to create MAC emulators that can run the full Mac OS on Windows PC.

With the slight differences between Windows and Mac OS, some consumers may be increasingly confused about choosing between these two types of computer platforms.


Therefore, to help you to choose, the following are the eight most important differences between Windows PC and Apple Mac for you to observe before making a decision.

1. More Software for Windows PCs

Software for WindowsAlthough the gap in the number of applications between Windows and Mac OS has begun to decrease, Windows still has more software than Mac OS. A type of application that most shows this comparison is the game software. In which, most computer games are made for the Windows platform.

Some programs run better on Windows, such as Microsoft Office for Windows that has more features and functionality than the Mac version.

2. Apple Accentuates the Beauty of Its Products

The Beauty of Apple ProductsMac products are beautiful in the eye. Apple is very concern about the look of a Mac computers, whether iMac series, Power Mac or MacBook laptops.

Meanwhile, the display of a Windows PC depends on the vendor that created it. The look among a PC to the other PCs are varied. Even so, there are also sightly look PCs, such as the latest Ultrabook made by Dell.

3. PC is a Better for Playing Games

More Games for PCsAs mentioned before, game apps are mostly found in Windows. Not only that, PC computers as a base of the Windows hardware are commonly more open and easily modified. For example, the users can easily upgrade the graphics card or increase the RAM capacity to make the games run more smoothly.

In contrast, Macs cannot compete with PCs in term of gaming until today. Instead of buying a Windows PC, if you want to get a Mac with reliable specifications for gaming purpose, you have to spend more money. So, a gamer should choose Windows PC as there are a lot of games for Windows.

4. Macs are More Expensive

In general, Mac products tend to be more expensive than PCs with the same class of technical specifications. Even, there are many Ultrabook-type of laptops (Windows-based) which are cheaper than a MacBook Air.

At the top of the hierarchy of Apple laptop products, there is a super expensive MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The price is around USD $2200.

5. The User Interface of Windows is Different to Mac OS

If you are accustomed to using Windows PC and you switch to a Mac for the very first time, you may confuse with the user interface of MAC OS. However, after using it for some time, it will seem that the way Mac OS works is quite similar to Windows.

The Windows’ Start button, for example, can be represented by the “Finder” icon on Mac OS that will show all programs, documents, and other files on a Mac computer.

Mac OS has an advantage in term of the bundle of software, where this operating system comes with a variety of useful applications like iPhoto, Mail, Garage Band, iMovie, and more.

6. More Hardware Options for PCs

With so many PC hardware manufacturers, Windows users also have so many selections of components to choose in upgrading or assembling a PC. This way makes you more creative in assembling or upgrading the parts of computer hardware to meet your needs in using a PC.

In contrast, Mac components are only made by Apple which is limiting the choice of users for hardware.

7. Macs Tend to be More Secure from Malware Threats

As we compare MACs to PCs, only a few users use Mac computers. Therefore, the Mac is still relatively more secure than Windows which is widely used by people worldwide. Windows PCs are often become the victims of hackers and absolutely require anti-virus. Read also; How to choose an antivirus” and “The most dangerous computer viruses“.

Even so, take note that Mac computers are not immune to cyber threats, as proved by some recent Mac malware, such as “LuckyCat”. Apple also has also revoked the slogan “virus free” for Mac computers.

8. Want a Way Out to Have Both Mac and PC, Just Combine the Two

Run Windows OS on Mac ComputerYou can run Windows OS on a Mac computer, either through a virtual machine or directly within the Mac system. Every Mac has a Boot Camp program that lets you install Windows on Mac computer. This function makes you possible to run both Windows and Mac on a single computer.

If you really need to, you can even share the hard disk space that is reserved for Windows and Mac OS X if both operating systems are installed on the computer.

Another option is to build a “Hackintosh” system, a traditional PC that can run Mac OS operating system. It’s the best Mac simulator on Windows PCs. Or, if you simply want to run a Mac app on a Windows PC, you can install one of the best Mac emulators for Windows.


Finally, you should be able to choose which one is the best between PC and Mac for you. Your decision depends on what you are going to do with a computer. Or, perhaps you may need both Windows and Mac.

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