WordPress vs Drupal – Choosing One That Fits Your Requirements

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Which one you choose between wordpress vs drupal?

If you run a business and want to have a new site for it, choosing between WordPress vs Drupal is a painstaking task. Both of these two CMSes have been in the business since January 2000 (Drupal) and May 2003 (WordPress). These two most popular CMSes have been widely used to create various types of websites.

WordPress vs Drupal

When it comes to deciding between WordPress vs Drupal, you should write down your requirements of what pros you are looking from a CMS. Both Drupal and WordPress are powerful CMSes for you to create a dynamic website and possible to be customized.

Some main considerations to consider in choosing between WordPress vs Drupal include;

  • your coding skills,
  • design or extensions cost,
  • user-friendliness,
  • SEO friendliness,
  • web security, and
  • customizability.

So, are you really want to get to know which CMS is the most ideal solution for you? Are you sure that WordPress and Drupal are the top options for your requirements? So, this article will describe some comparison points between WordPress vs Drupal. And may you get the idea which one you shall choose. If you need a website for your business, the answer will be conditional on the realm of your business. Let’s take a look on the WordPress and Drupal functionality comparison below.

Expenses for Web Extensions and Maintenance

Even though WordPress and Drupal are free to open source CMS platforms, money intrinsically matters. You will spend money to buy plugins or extensions for your websites. But if you are a PHP web developer, you might want to develop your own website. Perhaps free plugins and templates are enough for you to expand your website with features. Or you probably want a simple blog to publish articles, videos, or images by which will not require cost instead of the web hosting plan.

Drupal’s Budget friendliness – 6/10

When you look around websites made by Drupal, you’ll be impressed by their advanced functionality. Of course, Drupal is for serious businesses which require experienced web programmer or designer. They have the idea of how to extend and design Drupal with any feature and look they’re capable of making. So, you will most likely pay a web designer or developer to work on your Drupal site to get what you want. Because all available free Drupal templates and modules are poor. If we talk about creating a website using Drupal, it means require coding skills.

WordPress’s Budget-friendliness – 9/10

If you simply want to publish your articles with stunning free theme and plugins with no coding at all, WordPress is the right content management framework for you. Take your time to search for great free theme and plugins for WordPress. There are tons of them. But if you want a more professional design, functionality, and periodic support, you can buy a budget-friendly theme. Or you might also get more than two premium themes from different developers to change the design from one to another anytime you want. This content management framework is as dynamic as Drupal, but when it comes budget-friendly, WordPress is the winner.

User Friendliness

When it comes to choosing between WordPress vs Drupal, you should emphasize more to consider the ease of use point. This all about whether you are going to create a website with CMS with or without some coding tasks. So, know what your purpose of running a website and how should the design will be as what we explained in our web design project preparation article. Some people will consider finding a premium web design that’s suitable for their purpose first before start creating their website.

WordPress’s User-friendliness – 9/10

There’s no doubt that WordPress is the top #1 most widely used CMS. Most people choose this CMS for the ease of HTML, CSS, and PHP customization. WordPress developers have been creating tutorials and solutions for some potential WP technical issues that would come up when you tweak your WordPress site. For a more advanced support, should you get a premium WP theme and get free support from the developer for a certain period of time.

WordPress’s biggest strength is user-friendly with more than 50,000 plugins from the developers. Installing WordPress is quite quick and easy and gets some of its free plugins to create a website as you want. Thanks to so many free online WordPress tutorials beginners can create a website and even add some great features.

Drupal’s User-friendliness – 6/10

A business or company that focus on marketing tech-based products or services prefer to choose Drupal. You might also want to choose Drupal if you are capable of coding skills. This CMS requires the users to have an advanced technical expertise in web programming. So, if you are planning to create a website with a lot of advanced features, Drupal is a good solution. But it doesn’t mean that this CMS is only best for web developers.

Because some people might find a paid template with its features fit their requirements and in fact, it’s for Drupal. Buying a paid template will also get the support from the author for a certain period of time. And you would also be able to expand your subscription to get more support in the future. This would be a good alternative to hiring a web design professional. However, non-tech-savvy people will need to hire a web design professional to overhaul and handle some serious Drupal web design issues.

SEO Friendliness

SEO is one of the main factors when they come to pick between WordPress vs Drupal. While these two powerful CMSes have been running for more than a decade, the developers have been always improving how their CMS corresponds with SEO compliant. Having free visitors or readers come from search engines to your website is a great bonus. But search engines don’t really short through which CMS its top websites list on their SERPs. So, choosing a CMS that is SEO-friendly is the main consideration or otherwise, all of your works will end up in a sandbox.

WordPress SEO – 8/10

There’s not much difference between WordPress vs Drupal in SEO score. But if you want to get a more SEO-friendly website with WP, Yoast SEO alone isn’t enough. It takes time to test and shorting out which best WordPress SEO plugins you’ll need. Besides, almost all of them have its paid version. So, when your pages grow in number and you are getting serious in SEO, you will spend more to get better SEO plugins. But their free version is quite capable and more than enough for new websites.

Drupal SEO – 8/10

A plain Drupal without a module is already SEO-friendly with its native features. So, if you are really sure about choosing Drupal, you will no longer need to get a module to optimize your site for search engines. But if you want a more productive in improving your site’s SEO, you can use Yoast SEO for Drupal.

Web Security Matter

Your website or blog is another home of your business which is no less important. You will be pouring your energy and thoughts to develop and promote your business through your website. So, your web security is really crucial as whatever the reason there are many unknown hackers out there. The internet is not totally secure. It’s why recently the Europe Union has been validating the GDPR and most websites today use SSL.

WordPress Security – 7/10

Being the most popular means more risks like what WordPress websites are facing up today. Hackers tend to be likely looking more for the loopholes of this CMS structure instead of other CMSes. They do it as serious as WordPress powers 30 percent of the internet and as the most widely used CMS worldwide. Some WordPress plugins may susceptible to hackers attack. It’s why recommended to get WP plugins and themes from the official and credible sources.

Drupal Security – 9/10

Drupal still the topmost secure CMS platform to date. Hacked Drupal sites aren’t as much as hacked WordPress sites. Another Drupal good reputation in term of security is that the vulnerabilities reported to the official Drupal got solved right away. This is the main reason why most governmental and sturdy sites use Drupal to publish their content.


A plain CMS as its originality in terms of structure and design. There are two ways to customize a website whatever the CMS it’s built. The first one way is getting some plugins or modules you need and the second way is coding it yourself. There would be a condition where you need to change the layout, fonts, and colors of your website. So, customization is one of the main considerations in choosing between Drupal and WordPress.

Drupal – 8/10

You can get a lot of themes and modules for Drupal which provide preferences for customization. But those are most likely not enough for serious businesses. It’s just okay if the webmasters are prepared with sort of coding skills. You may also want to tweak Drupal’s PHP, CSS, or design to get what you want. But you must be pretty sure what you will be doing.

WordPress – 9/10

Ther are hundreds of thousands themes and plugins available for WordPress. So, you can search and get one that you like and fit your business needs. The beauty of WordPress is that you’ll be amazed by outstanding free plugins. While to get a stunning design, you can get one with a relatively cheap price. Instead, you may also create your own themes and plugins with some coding skills and market them to tens of millions of WordPress users.

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