Positive Thinking: You Can If You Think You Can

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Yes I can do It!

You can if you think you can! It’s a magic saying and also the title of a legendary book by Norman Vincent Peale. That sentence seems to give a clear message: if you always think positively, always building a “can do attitude” and always have a vision for the future with a seizure of optimism, then, believe me, your life will ultimately be completely drenched in a success on everything you are pursuing and gain happiness.

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Besides, that’s precisely the spirit of the Law of Attraction (LOA) – a flow of faith that is now being loved everywhere. Then consider the following quote sentences.


The Law of Attraction (LOA)

The great secret of life is the law of attraction. The law of attraction says that a similarity attracts a similarity. When you imagine thoughts, they are sent to the Universe; the mind will attract all similar things magnetically, and then return to its source, yours. (An excerpt from a book; The Secret by Rhonda Byrne). In other words, if you always imagine negative thoughts such as disappointed, failing, angry, always blaming others, frustrating, hesitating, always feeling deficient – then that thought wave will bounce back to the universe, attracts similar negative thoughts, and then send back strongly to the source, you. Such dark circle of negativism is slowly but surely will bring you in an endless dark alley.

In that dark alley, the seeds of the optimism spirit, the roar of confidence to grasp success, and the fighting power to knit the positive imagination, become lost without trace. The real life will eventually culminate on a dumb singing downhill.

That’s’ why some people then give advice that we should keep a distance from an environment that only spread the dark energy of negativism. Unfortunately, every day it seems we have always been ambushed with such negative energy.

Negative Energy

Every day on the streets, we have been ambushed by jams that flick us to release anger immediately and blame the other individuals.

At the office, we often look at the wistful faces that play their work with an increasingly staggering spirit.

In another corner, we also often meet a complainer, who works every day just complaining: complaining her unfair boss, complaining about why his career is not up, or complain why the office boy gave him a cup of coffee that is too bitter, and so on.

Then, when you go home, and for a moment read the news on the newspaper while watching a talk show on the television, “Why almost all of the news always airing negative news and dark pessimism point of view?” One observer criticizes a thing, and the other observer blames it. Then, the other observer again illustrates the future of a nation that seems to be falling into eternal darkness.

(This fact made my friend once advised me to stop to reading newspapers and stop watching television. I asked; “Why?” The answer is straightforward: the news and dark comments that appear on the television and newspapers will only kill your imagination and drop your hope for a better future !!).

That’s it! When the negative energies fill the air particles, and when the narratives about the grim future lining up of a grim future always dance before us, what should we do? We certainly can not let ourselves dissolve in such darknesses because they will only make us sway in the puddle of fate along with its endless nil pain lament.

“You can not help the world by focusing on the negative things. When you focus on negative affairs, you will not only add it but also bring more negative things into your own life.”  To elucidate a phrase from Rhonda Byrne.

So, how should we do? For me, I will try to explore the grains of the answer on the next post; The Endless Path to the Happiness.

In the meantime, you may drink a cup of warm coffee while imagining positive thoughts in front of your desk. Gulp the coffee slowly while whispering in your heart: “Life is good…! Yeah…! Life is so good!”

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