The Best Free MAC Emulator Software for Windows PC

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Best Free Mac Emulator Software for Windows PC

Choosing the best free MAC emulator software for Windows that suits your daily activities can help you saving money and become more productive. So, using a Mac emulator means you would like to run Mac applications on your Windows PC without changing the Operating System or using another computer to install the original Mac OS. However, each of Mac emulator software programs has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to know the features of the Mac emulator prior to downloading and installing it on your Windows PC. Such way may help you to know whether or not the features of the Mac emulator suit your needs.

This article will shortly describe the list of each of the best free handy MAC emulator software for Windows. We add them to the list of best MAC emulator for Windows PC based on some important factors such as feature-rich, user-friendly, handy, and seamlessly. The prices of Apple products are really costly. So, you can consider those factors before choosing and installing the most preferred Mac emulator software for your Windows PC.

Generally, all Mac emulators work to help the user in doing entertainment and business activities that using Mac-based applications or software. So, if you don’t have a Macbook or any Mac device but you need to run some MAC application programs, it’s possible for you to prevent a computer operating technical problem with the help of a MAC emulator software program for Windows PC. Some of the MAC emulators below are also available for Linux OS. However, because of MAC has a thrilling system, some of the emulators still only available for Windows PC.

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The Best Free MAC Emulator Software for Windows


The preview of Mac OS on Windows using VMWare/

Actually, this software is part of the VMware Academy series which has a full list of guides you can see on the Index page. VMware works by creating a virtual hardware layer (virtual machine) on your computer (physical machine). VMware will create virtual storage, virtual CPU, virtual RAM, virtual DVD-ROM, and various other virtual components to become a complete virtual machine. However, after installing VMWare on your Windows, the next you need to install Yosemite 10.10. Yosemite 10.10 is the eight edition of OS X, fromApple Inc., and server for Macintosh computer.

If you read some articles from emulator experts on the internet about how to run Mac OS X on Windows, many of them assume that it is not possible to make a MAC emulator that can run MAC on Windows seamlessly. But by the help of VMWare, now you can run MAC on your Windows PC.

Basilisk II

If you want to run 68xxx based MAC on your Windows computer, you can use PC Basilisk II. This MAC emulator is also available for some other Operating Systems. This MAC emulator is also compatible with MAC OS 8.1.

If you want to try Basilisk II, download the installer from its official website


vMac MAC Emulator for Windows PC.

vMac is an open source MAC OS emulator for a number of Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux-Unix, NeXTSTEP, OS/2, DOS, etc. Although vMac has been abandoned, the Mini vMac is really capable. You can download vMac from


If you want to run MAC OS 7.5.2, you can consider SheepShaver. It’s a free and open source software. SheepShaver is also known as a PowerPC Apple MAC emulator which also has the versions for Linux and MAC OS X. Originally, SheepShaver is designed for the BeOS and Linux. If you want to use SheepShaver to run MAC on your Windows PC, you can get the installer from,


Yabause MAC Emulator

This MAC emulator is also known as Sega Saturn Emulator for Windows. Yabause is a General Public License (GNU) software program. The developers of Yabause have succeeded to create some versions for a number of popular Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X. You can download and read the full details of Yabause MAC emulator from its official website,


KiGB Mac Emulator for Windows

If you want to get free MAC emulator software for Windows that compatible with all GB & GBC games, you should consider KiGB. KiGB is a freeware software program and you can download and read the full details of KiGB MAC emulator from


Fuse Emulator

The free Unix Spectrum Emulator, Fuse, is a General Public License (GNU) software program. Fuse is available for Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux which is runs at true Speccy speed on any computer. This free MAC emulator supports Kempston joystick emulation. The developer has published the details and the download link of this free MAC emulator on the web page


BoycottAdvance Emulator for Windows.

If you want to run a simple and handy GameBoy Advance emulator, you can consider BoycottAdvance. It’s a freeware cross-platform Mac emulator. You can download BoycottAdvance from or also provides some references for Macintosh Emulators such as SNES Emulators, Genesis Emulators, N64 Emulators, Arcade Emulators, X86 Emulators, and Master System\Game Gear Emulators.

Genesis Plus

Genesis Plus Emulator for Windows

The user-interface of Genesis Plus is really pleasing. Genesis plus is one of the best free MAC emulator software which is produced by the Original Sega Genesis. It’s a free Mac emulator software under GNU license. Genesis Plus supports USB joysticks and gamepads, full-screen mode, audio effects, and opening recent games quickly, etc. You can read the details and download Genesis Plus Macintosh Emulator for Windows from


Hatari Emulator for Windows

If you are looking for a MAC emulator to connect ST and STE hardware including, raster interrupts, PSG sample sound, and border effects, you can consider using Hatari. Hatari is GNU software. You can set your cursor keys to emulate the joystick.

Hatari supports mounting the host system directory as an ST drive. Besides, Hatari is capable of emulating some additional hardware such as TT or Falcon machines. It means it can emulate the Videl video chip or the DSP 56001. However, the support for TT and Falcon machines are is still an experiment. Read the details and download the installer from


DeSmuME for Windows

DeSmuME is a free and open source MAC emulator for Windows computer. It’s cross-platform software. DeSmuME supports dual screen, screenshots, documentation, etc. You can also play Nintendo DS games using DeSmuME. It’s one of the best free MAC emulator software for Windows, Wii, AmigaOS 4, MAC OS X and Linux. You can download DeSmuME from


Nestopia emulator for Windows.

Another GNU MAC emulator, Nestopia from Famicom. It’s an open source emulator and is frequently updated. Nestopia is compatible with popular games and supports for the controller. This is one of the best free MAC emulator software for Windows emulator to play playing favorite Nintendo games. The advantage of this MAC emulator is the support of netplay through the Kaillera network.

However, before you start playing games on netplay, make sure that your friends and you use the same emulation settings. You can download Nestopia from


DOSBox emulator for Windows PC

DOSBox is a General Public License software program to emulate the functions of MS-DOS, including voice, graphics, input, and network. This is one of the best free MAC emulator software programs that is used to run old video games specifically for the MS-DOS operating system. You can download DOSBox from

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