The List of the Most Harmful Computer Virus Names in Tech History

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The List of Harmful Computer Virus Names

A computer virus, whatever its kind is something that most hated by computer users. It’s a destructive and harmful to the computer users. The concept of computer virus creation was found in 1949. John Von Neuman from the USA thought about a computer program that can replicate itself. That thought was then realized by the programmer of AT&T Bell Laboratories through an experiment named Core Wars. Then, along with the IT development, there are many other computer virus names which take part in the cyber war.

The following list is a sort the most harmful computer virus names in the tech history. They can infect your computer if you do not protect your computer.

The Most Harmful Computer Virus Names

Wannacry Ransomware (Friday, 12 May 2017)

The WannaCry ransomware is also named as WannaCrypt. It is one of the most dangerous computer viruses which targets PC users. This virus runs to attack the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The attacking process works by encrypting the entire data of a computer and prompt ransom payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Initially, this dangerous virus emerged on Friday, 12 May 2017 and the attack had been ongoing to infect more than 230,000 computers worldwide. The spread of this virus was really fast in more than 150 countries. The attacks were even infected the operating system of large companies worldwide.

Wannacry Ransomware virus uses exploit code that was made to run only on unpatched Windows 7 and the earlier Windows OS versions. But if you run Windows 10, you don’t have to worry about Wannacry Ransomware virus.

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Jerusalem (Friday 13th) – 1987

This computer virus was first detected in October 1987. Jerusalem is an MS-DOS virus that can infect every workable run file except COMMAND.COM. On every Friday of date 13th, the Jerusalem virus deletes all program files on the infected hard drives. From its day- and date specified mischievous nature, this computer virus is also called as Friday 13th. Recommended to read: How to Recover Deleted Files Due to Virus Attack Using CMD Command.

Morris (Internet Worm) – 1988

This kind of computer virus is the world’s first Worm in tech history which was first distributed on 2 November 1988 through the Internet. Many computer users and companies suffered losses of almost 100 million dollars. Morris viruses infected more than 6,000 computers in the United States, including several computers belonging to NASA. In fact, because of such ignorance, the Morris virus has been abiding in a floppy disk and displayed in the Boston Museum of Science.

Melissa – 1999

Generally, this computer virus spread through email messages that were sent to all email users. Melissa virus has the ability to replicate itself in Word and Excel files. This harmful computer virus is also known as “Mailissa”, “Kwejeebo”, “Simpsons”, and “Kwyjibo”. Start from its initial spread, the Melissa virus was successfully infecting 20% of computers worldwide.

Love Letter (I Love You / Lovebug) – 2000

The other names for this computer virus are Love Letter, I Love You, or Lovebug. It’s a kind of Email virus which was spread in 2000. This dangerous computer virus has led to a loss of almost $ 10 billion in 20 countries. The spread of this harmful computer virus was distributed through e-mail messages with the subject “I Love You”. The email contains a text message saying “kindly check the attached LOVELETTER from me” and an attachment file named “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs.”. When the receiver opens the attachment, then this computer virus will automatically replicate itself and send each replicate to any email address from the contacts. This was such a terrible computer virus. Such a virus file will also automatically delete .jpg and .jpeg files.

Code Red – 2001

Code Red is a type of Worm computer virus which was observed on 15 July 2001. The Code Red virus works specifically to attack Microsoft IIS web server. The impact of this computer virus attack is the damage of any infected web page and leaves a text “Hacked by Chinese!” on the front-end of the web page. Code Red was successfully infected and damaged the website. The losses that caused by this harmful computer virus reached USD $2 billion.

SQL Slammer – 2003

SQL Slammer is a worm computer virus. This dangerous computer virus causes a service denial on some internet hosting and dramatically slow down its web traffic. The first spread of SQL Slammer was on January 25th, 2003 and it spread rapidly. This harmful computer virus was successfully infected more than 75,000 victims just ten minutes from its first spread. SQL Slammer computer virus works to attack web servers which run by the vulnerable version of Microsoft SQL Server. Then it will generate an Internet Protocol address (IP) randomly.

MyDoom (W32.MyDoom@mm, Novarg, Mimail.R, Shimgapi) – 2004

MyDoom is a computer virus that is also well-known as harshest malware among computer savvy users in 2004. This terrible computer virus infected approximately one million computers worldwide at that time. MyDoom viruses are seen as a bouncing email or email spammers. When the user opens the infected email, then at that time it automatically infects the computer. Its most dangerous impact towards a computer is it’s able to download additional files and will steal your email addresses of your contacts. Then, it will automatically send an email to a potential new victim.

Poison Ivy – 2005

Poison Ivy is a kind of remote access Trojan which is able to control infected computers from different locations clandestinely. Once this computer virus has been installed on a computer, the hacker can track and control your computer. The dangerous aim of the hacker is to manipulate your content and access your computer hardware such as speaker and webcam to record audio and video. This dangerous computer virus is the nightmare of all nightmares of computer security. Read also: How to check computer security.

Agen.btz – 2008

Agen.btz is one of the most harmful computer virus names which its type is a Malware. This malware harmfully works to screw up the Pentagon’s security system. On the other hand, this computer virus even makes the Pentagon established a US Cyber Command military department to address agent.btz. The spread of this virus was via a thumb drive and then it installs a malware and steals confidential data. Agent.btz is also named as Agent.AWF that attacks Microsoft Windows operating system.

BlackShades – 2014

Relatively, BlackShades, is a new computer virus that harmfully infects computers from more than 100 countries. BlackShades attacks any vulnerable software on the computers. This destructive computer virus works to take over the control of the computer. The other name of this computer virus is BlackShader which allow hackers to steal your confidential information. It works to intercept your computer camera or webcam and hijack your important messages. The hackers then use the stolen data discreetly for many harmful purposes.

Nimda – 2001

The computer virus, Nimda, is one of the most destructive computer virus names which firstly appeared in the mid-September of 2001. Exactly, it was spread a week after the September 9th attack. Nimda is a computer virus which its name was taken from the word “Admin” with reversed spelling. This dangerous computer virus spread through internet media such as email, web, and file sharing websites. It works to exploit the security susceptibilities of Web Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). This virus is types of worm virus which reportedly can quickly infect and cripple thousands of computers around the world. Nimda is reportedly still spreading, but at a slower pace. Therefore, you need to be aware of this harmful computer virus by encrypting your confidential data using the best encryption software and routinely to check your computer security.

Storm Worm – 2006

This dangerous computer virus is a kind of Trojan House virus. It can be deadly and extremely destructive for your computer. Storm Worm is malicious software which first spread in 2006 through a link within an email. There were so many computer users who griped that they received spam emails with its subject; “230 dead as storm batters Eropa”. When a receiver clicks on the link, it causes the Storm Worm destructively infects the computer and automatically allows the computer to be controlled remotely with the aim to spread spam emails on the Internet to find other potential storm worm victims.

Conficker – 2008

Conficker is in the list of the top ten of the most harmful computer virus which is very dangerously to harm computer systems and it was spread quickly and rapidly. This dangerous computer virus was found in October 2008. The other names for this computer virus are Downup, Domnadup, Win32/Conficker.C, and Kido. Conficker spread through Microsoft Windows OS and mostly Windows XP Operating System. Heinz Heise estimates that Conficker has infected 2.5 million PCs on January 15, 2009, while The Guardian estimates that there were 3.5 million Conficker-infected PCs. Then on January 16, 2009, this dangerous computer virus has infected almost 9 million PCs worldwide and makes it as one of the fastest infection spreading virus.

CIH or .Win9x.CIH – 1998

This computer virus is named as CIH, .Win9x.CIH, or also well-known as Chernobyl. The CIH was first detected in Taiwan in June 1998. CIH is considered as one of the most dangerous computer virus ever created. This destructive computer virus is able to tinker a computer’s BIOS to disable its boot. This harmful computer virus is categorized into the top ten of the most harmful computer virus names because it’s difficult to detect. CIH works to infect every application on a computer. Finally, this harmful computer virus led to losses more than US$ 100 million worldwide.

Stuxnet – 2010

Stuxnet is one of the top ten most dangerous computer virus names which becomes the outset of the cyber war on the internet. It is a type of malware which was appeared in the mid of 2010. It primarily works to attack the System Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). According to the news, the US initially creates this computer virus to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Additionally, the impact was not only affecting the Iranian nuclear facilities but also spread worldwide and causes a chaos in throughout Internet network in the world. That was ultimately leading to greater tech chaos. Symantec as a well-known antivirus company said that the Stuxnet is 50 times dangerous than the usual computer viruses and this company has not managed to find the source of this dangerous computer virus. Read also: How to choose a good antivirus.

Duqu – 2011

The Duqu is suspected of having a correlation with the Stuxnet. Duqu is a computer virus name given by the Hungarian researcher, Boldizsar Bencsath, who works for the Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security (CrySyS Lab) at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary. Boldizsar analyzed this malware and write a 60 pages report which includes Dugu as the name of this dangerous computer virus. This destructive virus can change the name of a data file in a computer with a prefix “~ DQ”. It’s a type of Malware that was discovered in the early of September 2011.

Flame or Flamer or sKyWIper – 2012

Have you ever found a very sophisticated computer malware can infect a computer by running the Windows operating system by itself? Flame or Flamer is considered as the most sophisticated virus which was found in 2012. It’s nearly as dangerous as the Stuxnet. The idea in the Flame creation was the aim to create a cyber weapon in order to attack multiple entities in a country. Originally, this dangerous computer virus was discovered as a weapon to attack computers those belong to Iranian officials. Instead, also spread to other countries automatically.

Having found this type of computer virus, it has infected a number of computer systems in the Middle Eastern countries, such as Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. Flame is large-sized computer virus and can enter into the computer system to spread into many small parts of the computer. Once a computer got infected by this harmful computer virus, then the computer will automatically download a 6MB-sized file which contains about a half dozen other compression modules within it.

Blaster or Lovsan or MSBlast – 2003

From all of the most destructive computer virus names, Blaster seems as the most flaming-aimed one that to the creator puts a personal grudge toward Bill Gates. Apparently, the reason of such a presupposition was because the Blaster has ever infected hundreds of thousands of computers through the vulnerability of Windows 2000 and Windows XP. This destructive computer virus will open a dialog window that tells the user that the system will shut down and then the computer will off or restart itself.

In the Blaster, there are found two messages in code that reads:

“I just want to say, LOVE YOU SAN!” and “billy gates why do you make this possible? Stop making money and fix your software!!”

Bagle – April 2004

Bagle is a type of Worm virus which first spread was as an email attachment that affects all versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. This harmful computer virus was designed to open up a backdoor through where a remote user can gain control over an infected computer. Bagle appeared with the email subject titled “Hi” and the message; “Test =)” followed by a random string of characters written; “Test, ya.” at the end. The name of the attachment is a string of random letters with a .exe file and an icon that looks like the default Windows calculator.

Sasser – 2004

Sasser is a destructive computer virus that was created by Sven Jaschan. Sven Jaschan is a 17 years old college student from Germany. Basically, this kind of harmful computer virus can attack Windows 2000 and Windows XP by exploiting the vulnerability of the Windows system. As a result, sasser causes damage amounting to billions of dollars in 2004. Meanwhile, this dangerous computer virus also causes many computers become slowing down and crashed, which then causes some heavy damages. This computer virus is a type of worm which has several variants, such as Sasser.E. The first variant of the Mydoom and Beagle attack is Netsky.

Those are the most harmful computer virus names which ever exist in tech history. Stay tuned with this topic to find out the recent updates of the most harmful computer virus names in tech history.

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