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Types of Compputer Ports

A computer is a set of systems with its hardware components which are connected using different types of computer ports. All parts of computer hardware have their specific functions. In which, one of the can work to process data and delivers information, one works to storage data from another device or data processing work to the computer, while another one works to display graphic or visualize data.

Some of that computer hardware components or devices have a particular type of port to maximize their functions. Your computer ports can connect your computer to a number external hardware device and other hardware utilities to sync with your computer properly.

Types of Computer Ports

There are ten types of computer ports that we usually use on our computer, as well as the functions of each of them are different. The following are the ten types of computer ports.

1. Parallel Port

Parallel port and its functionsThe parallel port is one of the types of computer ports that works to plug a certain hardware component or device that requires speed connection. Typically, a type of parallel port works with 8 bits at a time and capable of sending 50 to 100 kilobytes of data per second. Such capabilities make it suitable for close-range data transmission and fast.

The Functions of Parallel Port

A parallel port is widely used to connect a computer to a set of parallel printers, zip drives, and external hard drives. This type of port uses a DB-25 connector with 25 pins. Again, the use of the parallel port is also quite rare as it’s less practical if it’s compared to a USB port.

2. Serial Port

Serial Port and Its FunctionsThis type of computer port is a typical port that works to connect a keyboard, mouse, or a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Most of the serial ports use a type of RS-232C connector with a set of pins between 9 and 25 pins.

In the fifth generation computers, serial ports are rarely used, given that most of the today’s computers use standard USB ports to connect many types of computer hardware devices.

3. USB Port

USB Port and Its FunctionsYou must be familiar with this type of port. The USB port is a standard port for the fifth generation of computer technology. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus which has various purposes (universal).

The functions of USB ports on a computer can displace the role of the serial and parallel ports because standard hardware devices support USB connection. Today’s computers even don’t support serial and parallel ports anymore, which makes computers more tiny, practical, and simple.

The Functions of USB Port

A USB port has many functions, such as connecting any data storage device, mouse, keyboard, data transfer between computer and flash or portable hard disk, and even charging gadgets. The universal function of the current USB port is not only available for PCs or laptops, but it is widely used in many types of media players, televisions, mobile phones, and head unit in a car.


4. Infrared Port

Infrared Port and Its Functions.This type of port is now rarely used on today’s computers. Although the primary function of an infrared port is to connect wireless devices to a computer, the use of the infrared port is rarely used now as many wireless devices have already included infrared (in the form of USB) nowadays. However, there are many laptop products still support infrared port.

5. VGA Port

VGA Port and Its Functions.There are still many computers support VGA port. In a computer, VGA port belongs to the VGA card or graphic card. The connector of this VGA port uses DE 15 connectors with 15 pins.

The Functions of VGA Port

The primary function of a VGA port is to transmit the graphic data from the computer to the monitor screen display or output. The screen display or output that can be used is a screen display monitor, television, and projector. However, the downside of VGA port is its connector cannot transmit voice signal.

6. PS/2 Port

PS/2 Port and Its FunctionsPS/2 port is a type of classic port which is often found on desktop PC that uses CPU to connect the keyboard and mouse. The shape its connector is round with many pins. However, the PS/2 port is very rarely used nowadays, given that the use of USB ports have dominate the current computer products to support external computer devices connections. PS/2 ports are usually used to connect mouse and keyboard. But, most recent computer and laptop products have replaced the role of PS/2 ports with USB ports.


7. LAN port

LAN Port and Its Functions.LAN Port is a type of port that works to connect a computer with many types of network devices and hardware. The type pf the network can be an Ethernet or LAN Card. If you want to connect your PC or laptop to one or more computers, you need to use LAN port. To understand how to build a LAN network between two or more than two computers, you need to specify your network topology type.

8. Audio Port

Audio Port and Its FunctionsThe function of an Audio Port audio port is to transmit the sound produced by the computer to the external audio output, such as speakers or headphones. An audio port of a computer works with a sound card, where the quality of the sound output depends on the quality of the soundcard.

A standard computer usually supports only one audio port for producing a stereo output. However, on a computer with a more sophisticated soundcard, it supports sound output from 5.1 to 9.1 for specific purposes.

9. HDMI Port

HDMI Port and Its functiionsThe HDMI port is a type or computer port development to support the external graphic card of a computer. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. An HDMI port supports all types of multimedia hardware devices.

The functions an HDMI port are the same as a VGA Port. However, HDMI is capable of transmitting media with HD quality and can transmit voice signals. HDMI port is currently an option you can use to display a computer graphics on particular types of computer monitors such as large TV monitors or large projectors.

10. Power Source Port

Power Source Port and Its FunctionsYou should now ignore Power Source Port. Without a power source port, a computer will not work at all. The power source port is assigned to provide the power supply for the computer.

The Functions of Computer Ports

As what has been mentioned above, the primary role of all types of computer ports is to connect the computer to a certain external hardware component or device. Most of the fifth generation of computer computers still use one of the types of cables to plug in a hardware component or device to the computer. For examples, USB port, the keyboard port, HDMI port, etc. But for a more remote device use, some fifth generation computers have been developing to realize wireless devices interconnection in making the applications of a computer becoming more mobile. Furthermore, it will be possible the wireless devices interconnection of the sixth generation of computers becomes more familiar.

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