The Technique of Typing Fast with Ten Fingers on the Keyboard

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Typing faster with ten fingers.

You don’t need to read a book long guide to type fast with ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. Because typing is a skill you can own by a learning the simple technique how to type fast. Surely, by simply learning the ten-finger typing technique, you can quickly understand how to type fast with your hand’s ten fingers. However, you need to get used in the practice how to train the ten fingers of your both hands while in typing on the keyboard. Anyway, whatever your activities in the front of your computer would be as simple as talking.

Initially, when taking the fast typing technique into the practice, it would be tough, moreover if you have been used to type with 11 fingers (1 finger at the left hand and 1 finger on the right hand). It feels like want to run fast but not capable because of limp. So, you need to be patient, get used, and be discipline in the practice to be able to type fast on the keyboard.

So, before you start to follow this tutorial, take into account that if you get used your hands to type with ten fingers and following the technique, there’s no doubt you will be able to type very fast and take the advantages of quick typing such as productivity and comfortable.

Fast Typing Technique

Take your time to learn the fast typing technique in improving your typing skill. The main point you should emphasize here is to pay attention to the position of your body while in front of the computer and also the correct position of you both hands on the keyboard. Certainly, both of your index fingers should press the letter F (left hand) and J (right hand). Because both keys are the benchmarks in order the ten fingers can press all buttons. Your 10 fingers would fit all of the keys after you memorize the function of each of your fingers.

Typing Tips

When it’s the first time you want to type with ten fingers, start by putting your index fingers on the two keys with the bump on each of them. Put the index finger of your left hand on the letter F, and the index finger of your right hand on the letter J. The function of the bumps on both letter F and J is to help you memorize all of the letters on the keyboard. Once you get used to the position of the letters while typing, you can type without looking at the keyboard.

The bumps on key F and J.
Notice the Bumps

The other function of the bumps on both letter F and J is to help your fingers easily back to the position of each of your ten fingers quickly.

The Position and Function of Each Finger on the Keyboard

The position of each finger when it starts to type on type.

Your concern here is to learn the role or function of each finger. So, you will map each of your hand on the two parts of the keyboard. If there is one finger which is not used as the task properly, the tips you learn here is not working perfectly. Especially, if the finger is accustomed to the improper function, then, it would be difficult to change.

Right Hand Fingers Role

  • Index finger: To press key J, H, U, Y, M, N, 7 and 6
  • Middle Finger: To press key K, I, comma (,) / smaller sign (<) and 8 or asterisks (*)
  • Ring Finger: To press key L, O, 9 / opening bracket ((), dot (.) / Larger (>) and Alt
  • Little finger: All keys on the right side, apart from the ones has been mentioned above, start from the colon (;), quote (‘), Enter, letter P, square brackets {{} / [}), forward slash (\), Question Mark (?), slash (/), right-click (a document-like sign), right Shift, and right Ctrl.
  • Thumb: To press the space key. This particular one is only used if one of the left fingers is the last finger that presses a key. So, the basic role is to press space alternately with the left thumb.

Left Hand Fingers Role

  • Index Finger: To type key F, R, V, G, T, B, 4, and 5.
  • Middle Finger: To press key D, E, C, and 3.
  • Ring Finger: To press key S, W, X, and 2.
  • Little finger: To press A, Q, Z, 1, Alt, Tab, Caps Lock, Shift, Ctrl, and Windows key.
  • Thumb: Hitting a space. This particular one is only used if one of the right fingers is the last finger that presses a key.
  • So, the basic role is to press space alternately with the right thumb.

The role of each finger to type faster.

The Practice to Learn Typing with Ten Fingers

Another solution to learn to type with ten fingers on the keyboard is by using a typing practice software program which is widely used by the beginners. The main purpose of using such software is to exercise all fingers and repeat all of the keys function and to be able to master their place without having to see the keyboard anymore. But it’s advisable for you to use a simple and user-friendly typing test software program to avoid excessive space on your PC. Generally, in the use of such kind of typing test software program to face some typing challenges that must be done. Besides, you can also follow every level to test how advanced you are in the practices.

Actually, such kind of software program is paid. But as there are thousands of software developers in the world, there are some typing test software deliberately shared for free and can be downloaded freely by anyone. However, in the case you have no time or don’t want to download and install the software, here we list online software for learning to type with ten fingers.

Practice Typing with Ten Fingers Online

There is much online software that offers the practice or test typing with ten fingers online. Some of them are just testing the speed of your fingers in typing with ten fingers and some of them are testing the true use of all the fingers while typing on the keyboard base on their functions as mentioned above. The following are the top four free online typing test software.


It’s absolutely free and you can directly enter the typing test application. Once you visit the site, you can directly enter the typing test page and start practicing without the need to log in first. You can test with its 1-minute, 3-minute, or 5-minute typing test and earn.

Typing practice on

Typing test assessment from

However, if you want a free high-quality printable typing certificate, you need to log in first.


The interface of typing test Software from

It’s not like the typing test interface from But offers various features that are really capable to support your typing practice such as Typing Lesson 1 to 5.  The Copy Practice And Speed Test are really capable of guiding you to test your typing speed without looking at the keyboard.


The interface of typingtutor-online-com

Interestingly, this free online typing test software offers you many fast typing learning technique options. provides keyboard keys options such as Upper Row (Q to P), Home Row (A to L), Bottom Row (letter Z to M) and more. The advantage is, you will gradually exercise using ten fingers based on the role of each of your fingers.


Learn typing fast on Tipp10

Actually, this online typing test website provides the online typing practice version and the PC-based software. It has typing test software for Mac, Windows, Linus, Apple and other OSs. However, to use the services, you need to register on the site first.

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