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Yelp Review – How Yelp Helps Small Businesses

Yelp is the largest customer review site that allows people to advertise businesses online for free. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. This yelp review will describe what is Yelp and why should local businesses start their page on Yelp.

Yelp has been in the business since 2004 and rapidly growing. It’s one of the most popular customer review sites for companies or small businesses to target local people. Yelp becomes the most powerful way for local business to empower word-of-mouth by getting reviews from their existing customers. Seems that local businesses with a lot of positive reviews on Yelp can easily grab new customers and become the leaders in the local market.

Best for Local Businesses

If you implement search engine marketing to grab the niche market for your local business so far, you shouldn’t ignore Yelp. It’s both local business search engine and review-based social media. The idea of this site model comes with an aim to help people know which local businesses to trust and engage with. Yelp is best for hotels, restaurants, car repair shops, service stations, and other types of local businesses. So, if you have happy customers, why don’t you suggest them to have positive reviews on your Yelp business page. Yelp comes with a social local community model by which the members helping each other sharing their experiences in the form of customer reviews.

Yelp has hundreds of billions of monthly cumulative visits worldwide by which is more common in the USA and Europe countries. Yelp also provides mobile apps for Android an iOS and make this customer rating and review site become more reachable everywhere. So, when you are traveling to a certain country why don’t you install and use Yelp app to search local businesses in that area for free. Searching and getting help from customer reviews about a local business is never been easier with Yelp.

How People Search for Local Businesses with Yelp

The preview of how Yelp helps local business.Yelp is a community social media for rating and reviewing local businesses worldwide. It means, every local business that has a Yelp business page can easily found by the targeted local people. Then, the people who have their social media page on Yelp can instantly review and rate a certain local business and or recommend it to their friends, family, or anyone who is searching for a similar type of local business on Yelp. The review is all about customer experience or how the customers feel after trying the service. The people who registered on Yelp using their personal photo profile are also called as Yelpers. They can register on Yelp for free.

How does Yelp Works for Local Businesses

If you are running a local business and targeting people in a certain local area, people who use Yelp can easily reach you and they also would like to review your business. You as the business owner simply register using your original business identity and photos so that Yelp can confirm your local business. The reviews given by your customers are used to boost your local business reputation to the crowd on Yelp.

The Yelp business page is also a good medium for you to take the advantage of word-of-mouth marketing if your local business gets a lot of positive reviews. Every local business who registered on Yelp are also called as an advertiser and it’s free. But if you want to get more views on Yelp, you can upgrade your Yelp business page as paid advertisers. Paid advertisers will get their Yelp business pages get listed on the very top of Yelp search engine.

Every Yelp advertiser can get reviews from their local customers if they are willing to. Setting a business page on Yelp is easy and free of charge. Yelp advertisers also directly communicate with yelpers to answer questions and explaining what they sell.

Yelp Review

Yelp was created by former Paypal employees, Russell Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelmen in 2004. This US-based company comes with an aim to help people in finding the best local businesses around them. And help local businesses to get the right targeted local customers. Yelp marketing concept was originally email based referral network, but after some developments, Yelp was no longer using email marketing strategy. Instead, Yelp follows the evolution of information and technology into web-based at the end of 2005. And finally, Yelp now also provides Android and iOS apps to make their service becomes reachable on any device.

Up to 2010, Yelp had published more than 4.5 billion local businesses reviews and gained a fantastic profit, which roughly 30 billion US dollars. Yelp once got an offer from the giant Google Inc. exactly $500 million in 2009 to take over Yelp. But that plan was never realized and until March 2012, Yelp decided to become a company and set up its business legal structure called Yelp Inc. In 2014, Yelp published more than 71 billion local businesses reviews. is visited around 135 billion times per month and generated roughly USD $377.5 billions profit after two decades of setting up its own company. (Wikipedia)

Yelp Details

  • Brand name: Yelp
  • Website:
  • Business model: Web-based and app-based social community customer rating and review site.
  • Users: Yelpers
  • Customers: Local business owners (companies and small businesses).
  • Company name: Yelp Inc.
  • Total reviews of 2018: 155 million reviews by the end of Q1 2018.
  • Best for: Restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, massage services, car repair shops, saloons, tailors, and other models of local businesses)

May this Yelp review helpful for you! If you have something to say about Yelp or yelpers or have your own Yelp review, you can comment on the comment box below.

Yelp for Business Owners

The Good!

  • Billions of visits
  • Hundreds of millions of Yelpers
  • Great support
  • Business owners can easily communicate with prospective and existing customers.

The Bad!

  • Nothing really significant to mention.
Reaching Prospective Customers
99 %
98 %
96 %
95 %
94 %

Yelp Review

Yelp is a good site for business to reach customers who are ready to make a purchase. Take advantage of $300 in FREE Yelp Ads! People who search for hotels, restourants, car repair shops, saloons, taylor, and night clubs usually through Yelp. Yelp is accessible through desktop browser and its Android and iOS apss also available.

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